Security Orchestration Automation and Response

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) is more than just a catchphrase. For many organizations it’s an essential cornerstone of their security operation centers (SOCs) for addressing the daily issues they meet. It allows them to improve their overall operational efficacy and incident response abilities.

SECNOLOGY addresses multiple key concerns for that matter.

In SOC, staff shortages are a common problem. Because companies need to have enough personnel and at the same time make an efficient use of the experts currently in place. SECNOLOGY solves this concern by offering the level of automation and orchestration for all analyst tiers levels. This encompasses automating repetitive tasks and provides normalized incident workflows to insure dependable alert response. In addition, it provides customers access to adaptive learning processes that increase and speed their incident capabilities.


A major issue in client interactions is the disproportionate time to correctly mitigate security incidents. This is essentially due to understaffed and strained experts not having the tools to accurately process the massive number of incoming alerts. It is vital to manage incidents with a coordinated workflow that offers increase threat coverage. Analysts require dynamic cooperation capabilities at all stages of the incident workflow to promptly deal with current and future threats.

A classic pain point is the organization’s need for the capability to distinguish between routine, non-routine and critical incidents and implement a procedure to easily manage the incident response process. Conventional task automation means more than striving through SIEM lines and logs searching for indicators of compromise. It covers notification, task assignment and also conditional decision making to insure appropriate privacy and regulatory requirements. Powering automation in SECNOLOGY insures that all standard elements of the incident response process are accomplished.

SECNOLOGY offers the capacity to include information from traditional sources and non-traditional sources that are pertinent to security operations, such as ticketing and inventory systems, entry control data, insider threat platforms etc., which addresses the end-user’s requirement for a single pane of glass that affords visibility into all aspects of the network and security infrastructure.

As SOAR technology continues to migrate from the early adopter to maturity phase, we have yet to see a comparable evolution in use case sophistication from the early adopters. SECNOLOGY addresses this by providing long-term vision as leader in the SOAR industry by introducing capabilities including incident triage and adaptive learning that ensures industry use cases. As both cyber and non-cyber environments become more sophisticated, the SECNOLOGY platform and its open architecture is ready to evolve with them.

One of the main advantages of SOAR technology is enabling the SOC to reduce alert triage times, so that SIEM data can be discriminated. SECNOLOGY provides many ways to mitigate this, including an industry leading correlation engine that provides an extensive association-based link analysis of incident data and threat intelligence sources.


Notwithstanding vendors best efforts, SOAR systems are not “turnkey” despite the number of integrations provided. In addition to the initial platform expense there can be extensive professional service engagements to ensure the components required for a customer’s environment are accessible. SECNOLOGY identified this and took strides to not only make the installation of the platform as automated as possible but also allow their customers to develop their own integrations. This is especially vital when working with large organizations and managed security service providers (MSSPs) that required “homemade” but closed application in order to develop custom APIs. Those entities are now able to develop integrations on the fly with no need for professional services.

Some SOC concentrate on security technologies, rather than a more integrated approach involving all aspects of security orchestration and automation. This severely limits their applicability and falls well shy of a true SOAR platform. SECNOLOGY also broadens on areas such as key performance indicator reporting, customer analysis functions in multi-tenancy and tracking SLA metrics.