About The Client


The Customer is an international airport. This airport is an economic power center and ensures a high number of business travelers, due to several exhibitions, conventions, and multinational corporations seated in the region.


SECNOLOGY is a powerful and easy Big Data Mining solution using breakthrough technology to help the management of all the data events in real-time and in historical modes. Our client wanted to implement a solution that will allow the organization to gather, associate and investigate data events from a focal area.

As SECNOLOGY gathers and manages real-time events, Airport managers can get a preview perspective of infrastructure at any given time. The SECNOLOGY’s Real-Time Monitoring solution further empowers more tightly observation of users and global activities.


Despite the fact that SECNOLOGY only deployed the solution a couple of months ago, this Airport has as of now delighted business advantages with a full inspection optimization and new strong business governance.

For the IT manager, executing SECNOLOGY progressed the solution seeks usefulness, fundamental through a straightforward hunt – permitting dependable IT members to get to information in a moment, authorizing assets easily for different purposes. It is now possible for them to control their own environment easily with fully customizable actions based on appropriate requirements. At the point when basic episodes happen within the infrastructure, SECNOLOGY’s SIEM arrangement accommodates powerful investigating and examination of basic occasions.