Industrialize Operational Intelligence

The SECjob module was added to the SECNOLOGY Platform to industrialize operational activities and eliminate this problem. Any process defined within the SECNOLOGY platform can be industrialized and automated.  If human intervention is required, alerts can be sent. But if the response to an event does not require human intervention, then the actions required in response to the event can be fully automated, fully industrialized.

SECprocess visual


SECprocess data actions

How Does SECNOLOGY Turn Data Events Into Actions?

This answer is in two parts.  First, decision makers need a single standard view of all the information received from network and security devices managed. Use SECmanage to create business specific Dashboards and numerous customizable Reports from a single source or from multiple sources as needed. The insight derived from the Dashboards and the Reports provides the first part of the answer.

The second part is due to a number of advanced features available in scheduled or event driven Jobs.  Jobs can use a predefined set of Rules to watch, observe and analyze events and then conditionally trigger a sequence of Actions to execute.  A Rule is a set of triggers that, once activated, launch a predefined set of Actions.  Actions may occur simultaneously and may run external 3rd party applications, such as applying a configuration change to a Firewall or comparing a change to a critical server.

These combined features will help you turn event data into actions.

Do you need automate certain responses ?

For immediate action in response to an event that does not require human intervention, then SECprocess can leverage SECjob to automate the actions required in response to the event.

The SECjob module is a standard feature of the SECNOLOGY Platform.