The customer needed a new technology to stay up on the constant changes in their environment and industry, always looking for new alternatives and solutions. The IT security management team was looking for a tool for real-time firewall monitoring and for the creation of periodic reports and regular compliance audits.


In order to guarantee complete and 24 hours a day 7 days a week network security, the customer decided to trust our worldwide technical engineering staff. The knowledge of SECNOLOGY’s security professionals and the Maintenance Services availability meet the customer’s standards.
Indeed, SECNOLOGY provides a worldwide support for help with any SECNOLOGY technical issue, including access to technical notes, knowledge base and answers to frequently asked questions.
Furthermore, our online support service include access to technical notes, FAQ’s, troubleshooting tips, documentation and downloads.
In this case, SECNOLOGY team members provided continuous phone support to give a quick response for the configuration of our solution.


Real-time Monitoring of User Activity allows the IT Security Administrator to view, follow and trace the user activity and to prepare weekly reports for management. The ability to monitor the entire corporate IT environment enable the team to save precious hours with portal reporting, compare to the previous inefficient application. Now they can address threats as they arise and complete compliance reporting more easily. Moreover SECNOLOGY provides built-in change management tracking, permitting the team to provide an itemized record to users.

SECNOLOGY’s costs are lower than if the company added more technical staff. It means more efficiency for the IT Security team, but also more time for other responsibilities. SECNOLOGY met and exceeded the high standards through an adapted solution and adjustable support service.