Provide Access to SECNOLOGY to a Web Browser

SECweb is a Web Portal allowing authorized users to access their personal SECNOLOGY environment using a web browser. The SECNOLOGY Administrator defines the jobs, reports and alerts that are available and validates the SECweb environment for each user.  These users can then access the available jobs, reports and alerts and can create personalized jobs based on these by simply using a web browser, i.e.: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc…  With an easy to use web interface, the user is able to select his events and jobs, to upload events to the portal, to run jobs on selected targets and to access his dashboards, reports, alerts and files.


A User-Friendly Web Interface

The objective on SECweb is to make the user experience the easiest possible while maintaining a rich feature set. The SECweb user is able to use the most critical components in SECNOLOGY simply by pointing and clicking. The user-friendly interface gives complete access to SECNOLOGY functionality while protecting the SECNOLOGY configuration.

Complete Reports

The reports available to Web Browser users are complete SECNOLOGY Reports. These reports can be from a single source, for instance Juniper events, or from multiple sources including, but not limited to, Check Point, Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft events. Every SECweb user has a private and secure storage area, and all the rights and privileges in that space to create, move and delete files and folders as needed. The SECweb user may also save his reports on local storage.

Power and Safety Combined

Since SECNOLOGY is running behind SECweb, the user can access all the power made available by the SECNOLOGY Administrator, but cannot modify the system’s configuration.

The SECweb user can manage all types of events whether they are real-time or historical. Data to process may come on the fly or may already reside somewhere on the network in flat files or in existing databases. The SECweb user can easily search, filter, analyze, classify, organize, normalize and tag data for forensics investigation. He can perform user activity tracking, compliance monitoring, trouble shooting, risk mitigation, incident response, specific event detection and much more in a very easy and flexible way. With all this power, the SECweb user can generate metrics, control thresholds, generate actionable alerts and notifications, generate automatic reports and dashboards, view charts and graphs, use different ways to cross correlate heterogeneous data and turn raw data into clear business information.

How to get the results ?

Should the user need to, he can selectively upload events to the SECNOLOGY server or use events made available by the Administrator.  He can select and run Jobs on choosing targets, and get results, reports, and alerts.  The user gets the results directly from the SECNOLOGY Server and can download them to his own workstation.