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What can I Do with SECagent?

The short answer is that the SECagent is not required unless the system or device you need to monitor is unable to send events using one of the numerous protocols typically used by network management platforms.

Gather Your Security Events

The first thing to do when you want to acquire continuous visibility to improve your network security is to collect all the information needed. Why? Just imagine that your IDS has detected an attack against one of your servers.

Using a flexible Grid Computing Architecture to provide power

Leveraging this Architecture, dedicate some SECmanage systems for specific tasks such as reporting, correlating, binding, alerting, archiving, parsing, analyzing, etc…

SECnology Configuration Audit Analysis

Audit all targeted servers and enables the monitoring of user rights and privileges :

  • in real-time user activity on targeted files and folders
  • in real-time access and changes to Active Directory