Visual Data Mining Technology

As an advanced Big Data Mining platform, SECNOLOGY’s power and flexibility lead by example.  A major advantage comes from the Visual Data Mining interface in the SECview module.  Display Event correlation using SECview to show exactly how a situation evolved in detail. This is possible for either a specific range of time and in real-time and allows the selection of any of the available variables, whether these are Fields, MetaFields or any combination of multiple data sources.

To enhance visibility, use the graphical zooming feature to dynamically adjust the time frame to analyze.


Find “The Event” in an Ocean of Events


SECview is a multidimensional real-time cross data graphical monitoring tool that provides a global view of what is happening across the network, servers and/or applications. Leverage SECview’s power to easily track the behavior of your IT assets.

View and compare the evolution of many variables simultaneously, and correlate them with the “normal” standard reference behavior expected.  The events are shown in a detailed or an aggregated format and the zoom feature provides visual real-time evolution of a specific event variable.

A symbol of varied size and color represents every data flow or group of data flows in the monitored environment. The size property of a symbol can be defined to represent the type of information. The color of the symbol can be customized to represent quality control information relevant to a set of devices in your IT environment.

Quickly see the important event in an ocean of similar ones. Instantly notice abnormal behavior and take appropriate action for deeper investigation into the origins of the anomaly.


Business Line Views

Set “business line views” to provide a transverse, cross device view based on specific criteria. For instance, to see the number of current open sessions on each device for a specific link (router, firewall, proxy, anti-virus, switch, server, database, etc…). Create a real-time view that will display the CPU usage on a set of devices in the DMZ or a view for all the IP addresses that are seen by another set of devices. The possibilities are endless.