Easily Supervise your Entire Infrastructure

In order to supervise all the systems within your infrastructure, including all network and security devices, it is critical to see everything that is happening in your environment at all times.  Only tracking some devices periodically will lead to both performance issues and security breaches.

The ability to monitor the entire corporate IT environment enables an enterprise to be more effective, more efficient and ultimately more secure. SECmonitor provides this insight.

SECmonitor tracks the status and provides the historical details of all that SECNOLOGY is doing in your IT environment by combining the output of all SECNOLOGY modules into a single easy-to-use tool. Simply put, SECmonitor provides a visual status of the complete IT Environment that SECNOLOGY is supervising.  As you look at each SECmonitor section, it will show the status for each element defined in that section and give the ability to access a detailed history of the activity for each element in that module.

The SECmonitor module is a standard feature of the SECNOLOGY Platform.

SECmonitor Sections


The Environment module is where all corporate network and security devices, applications, and gateways as well as SECNOLOGY collectors are defined.
This SECmonitor section provides the status of all the components defined in your IT environment. Immediately notice if an element is Up or not.


The Logs module is not only where all event traces are located, but it is also where parser definitions, signatures and numerous other tools are either defined or implemented.
With SECmonitor, instantly see if these are running or idle in the indexed status screen and find details of all activities in the history tab.


The Process module is where all SECNOLOGY processes, including jobs and data lifecycle management features, are defined and scheduled.
This SECmonitor section shows the status and provides a history of all activity in the Process module. It enables you to monitor the tasks in progress as well as all the work yet to be treated or already treated.


The View module is a powerful Visual Data Mining tool used to graphically display event correlation to show exactly how a situation evolved in detail.
This SECmonitor section provides the status and history of the view module.


The Dashboard module allows you to create customized reports, but it also provides several features to transform raw data into simple, accessible and meaningful information without compromising event data integrity. This increases the readability of reports.
This SECmonitor section indexes the status and history of all Dashboard activity.


The ability to respond automatically to events in real-time is a powerful feature in SECNOLOGY. The Alerts module’s primary function is to define the rules that will conditionally trigger a sequence of actions, including alerts.
This SECmonitor section provides an overview of all the defined rules. It lets you know at a glance if a rule is active and provides details of all activity showing the status and history of all Alerts.

How can supervise infrastructure?

Simply put, SECmonitor provides a visual status of the complete IT Environment that SECNOLOGY is supervising.