AboutThe client

The company needed a great degree of security, either physically or virtually. The main objective was to rebuild the administration process by implementing a high secured IT environment. Widen the real time detection system to manage the global flows and be able to see what is happening on the entire network. Detect and trace the user activity in real-time. Ability to respond to numerous events and access system privilege and user rights management.


To manage and monitor their IT environment, the customer chose SECNOLOGY ‘s solution to supervise the entire infrastructure, forensics event investigation, real-time triggers upon event detection, policies and exception management, incident management & troubleshooting.


As a result, the customer is now able to have a 360 degree visibility of his IT systems and a full and complete day-to-day event’s report.

Simple customized and automated rules to manage all the changes and all the alerts with a fast response time. The customer’s IT management team is now able to trigger automatic customized actions quickly and easily. No more waste of valuable time !

SECNOLOGY’s solution assures ongoing and continuous protection of the highly secure data environment. The customized reports provide features to transform raw data into simple, accessible, and meaningful information without compromising event data integrity.