Regulatory Law Compliance

Easy Compliance :
SECNOLOGY is a very easy security solution that correlates, stores, analyzes, and reports on events, logs, and policies configuration to reach compliance requirements. By consolidating and automating compliance monitoring and reporting, SECNOLOGY removes time-consuming manual processes and delivers easily clear warnings on complex inconsistencies.

Compliance Conundrum:
Global organizations are confronted to the challenge of keeping pace with the size and intricacy of regulatory compliance, often answering to numerous government and industry directives originating in various world countries. This can be a staggering task for IT organizations. Proving compliance with disconnected rules and industry mandates can be grueling, and, if there are holes, organizations put themselves at the perils of failing audits and risking financial penalties. Beyond that, many organizations are paying more than necessary on resources and operational charges.

SECNOLOGY regulatory compliance
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Simplify Compliance :
SECNOLOGY addresses today’s complicated compliance difficulties by linking an established consolidated compliance structure with leading abilities to collect, retrieve, and protect the data required to address and establish compliance in real time. Its integrated log collection, management, analysis, and reporting furthers an organization’s capacity to attain compliance demands through frameworks, streamlined workflow, and automation.

Turnkey Framework :
SECNOLOGY makes compliance management fast and easy with pre-built dashboards, exhaustive audit trails, and reports for multiple global regulations and control frameworks, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOX. SECNOLOGY brings expertise to compliance by normalizing the features of each regulation, allowing a single array of collected events to be easily mapped to particular regulations. Above the extensive turnkey support, all compliance reports, rules, and dashboards are fully customizable.

Continued Compliance Monitoring :
As regulations evolve, compliance is automatically updated and pushed to SECNOLOGY, allowing organizations to readily assess condition and dependably reports on the latest compliance state. This continuous compliance monitoring and reporting is achieved via SECNOLOGY’s real-time collection and analysis of logs, events, flows, and policy configurations. Real-time dashboards accompany static reports and offer analysts with a real time view of the company’s most recent compliance posture.

Smart Compliance :
SECNOLOGY’s advanced correlation rules automates key workflows for reaching and maintaining compliance. For example, rules can be set to automatically identify changes in the compliance status, such as configuration changes and anomaly detection. This actionable compliance intelligence immediately triggers actions and alerts to the appropriate teams for real time correction of compliance violations. SECNOLOGY delivers the speed and scale to automatically store years of events and flows for all log types. Additionally, it insures that all information is ready for immediate reporting and administration of compliance regulations. Logs are sealed and validated, insuring the required authenticity and integrity for regulatory compliance and forensics. By unaltering the original log files, SECNOLOGY supports chain of custody and non-repudiation efforts for meeting legal requirements.

Fast Reporting :
As events are continuously collected on-line, SECNOLOGY offers the vital ability to rapidly search through massive volumes of compliance data to produce the essential and timely reports required to answer auditors questions. This enables the demonstration of compliance in minutes instead of hours or even days by influencing SECNOLOGY’s turbo indexing management engine and real-time user interface to respond to queries and analytics in seconds—even on historical data over multiple years.

Database Compliance:
SECNOLOGY expands support for compliance requirements to one of the most critical assets of IT infrastructures—databases. This non-intrusive appliance allows commited compliance auditing and reporting demands for database operations. While it monitors all transactions, SECNOLOGY provides a complete audit trail of all database activities, including queries, results, authentication activity, and privilege escalations to ensure database assets are secure.