About The Client

The Customer is a main multi-channel retailer and direct advertiser of ladies’ attire, shoes and embellishments. Constantly vigilant in maintaining its records, having access to reports at any time and making sure it is up-to-date with its payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. So many events handled per day that the old architecture was no longer up to the task. Needed the ability to more quickly investigate any events or alarms that came up in the network.


SECNOLOGY is able to monitor and collect logs the approximately 3500 systems of the customer as: MS Windows servers, Linux Systems, AIX systems, ESX VM appliances, hundreds of wireless routers and firewalls, diverse infrastructure devices such as switches, routers, firewalls and load balancers. All these various systems are deployed across 300+ geographic location, 2 data centers and 1 call center.
SECNOLOGY provides a single home for the company’ point of sale (POS) logs. The POS provides easy access to log history as well as the ability to correlate a year’s worth of information in a matter of minutes.
SECNOLOGY provides security classification for employees who needed access to logs to correlate information. The customer internal audit department can have access to its information and reports, without gaining access to other departments information in the process.


The most important piece in the SECNOLOGY installation was its ability to scale up to handle the number of events a company its size generates each day. High scalability of SECNOLOGY has really matured and evolved with the customer growing reporting and compliance needs and it functions like a true enterprise product.

SECNOLOGY installation also enables analysis of information flow to see if any area is not functioning properly. It provides geographic event collection, while minimizing the impact of information on various parts of the network.

SECNOLOGY and his customer have realized additional operational benefits with SECNOLOGY. It takes less time to the customer to resolve issues and SECNOLOGY automatically helps prioritize for hardware upgrades and refreshes.