What  Makes the SECNOLOGY Data Mining Platform so Powerful?

The heart of the SECNOLOGY architecture is SECmanage, which performs numerous operations on all events in real-time, on demand and on schedule. Two significant technological advantages make SECNOLOGY the most powerful Data Mining solution available today, able to process Terabytes a day faster than anyone.

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Technological advantages

Grid Computing Architecture

Using a flexible Grid Computing Architecture to provide power, scalability and high-availability, SECmanage can process data on many SECmanage systems simultaneously. To process 17 Terabytes a day, simply position multiple SECmanage systems. Leveraging this Architecture, dedicate some SECmanage systems for specific tasks such as reporting, correlating, binding, alerting, archiving, parsing, etc…

Turbo Indexing Methodology

Leveraging our patented STIM to avoid using a database makes SECmanage the most powerful event management solution available on the market. By not using a database, SECmanage frees the Architecture from the underlying complexities of event analysis and provides a simple, ergonomic and effective tool. In terms of analysis speed, it outperforms all its competitors on identical platforms 100 to 3000 times!

How Does SECNOLOGY Turn Data Events Into Actions?

This answer is in two parts.  First, decision makers need a single standard view of all the information received from network and security devices managed. Use SECmanage to create business specific Dashboards and numerous customizable Reports from a single source or from multiple sources as needed. The insight derived from the Dashboards and the Reports provides the first part of the answer.

The second part is due to a number of advanced features available in scheduled or event driven Jobs.  Jobs can use a predefined set of Rules to watch, observe and analyze events and then conditionally trigger a sequence of Actions to execute.  A Rule is a set of triggers that, once activated, launch a predefined set of Actions.  Actions may occur simultaneously and may run external 3rd party applications, such as applying a configuration change to a Firewall or comparing a change to a critical server.

These combined features will help you turn event data into actions.

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Powerful and flexible Features

Detect anomalies

Normalize data events

Filter data events

Search and explore data and events

Correlate data events from multiple sources

Compare different metrics

Process jobs and alerts

Create Graphs and Charts

Monitor the global environment in real-time

Investigate after an incident

Parse events and traces

Segregate data events

Categorize data events

Enrich data events

Evaluate triggers and measure thresholds

Process data events

Manage the Life Cycle of data events

Provide dashboards

Generate Reports in real-time

Record all the traces of all actions

How can we help you?

Our ambition is to provide to the companies of any size, simple and effective solutions to help them secure their information system, analyze and process each information in order to make the best decisions.