Our solution

SECNOLOGY offers the only unique graphical parser in the world ! The only thing you need to to do is to select your fields and click with your mouse or let it choose for you automatically the fields.

It is the only technology which design and architecture is not laying on any Database

It is the only solution able to process daily multi-terabytes a day at no additional cost

It is the only solution which offers a graphical parser and doesn’t need any programming or SDK

It is the only solution where data and results are always on-line and accessible

It is the only turn-key ready to use solution which can be installed in 1 minute!

It is the only solution that does not need any dedicated technical resources


We focused also on making SECNOLOGY very EASY, very CUSTOMIZABLE, and very FLEXIBLE. Our customers are using SECNOLOGY to address numerous and various needs such as :

Event Consolidation

Real-Time Event Management

Forensics Event Investigation

Configuration Management


Regulatory Law Compliance

Workflow Automation

Threat & Risk Management

Data Governance

Event response

IT & Business Governance

Policy Control Management

ISC/SCADA management

Trafic Monitoring

Data Life Cycle Management

Alerting, Monitoring, & Reporting

Cross Device Event Correlation

File Integrity Management

Capacity Planning

Quality of Service