SECNOLOGY : Why XDR is your main Security edge for 2021


Before opting for what cybersecurity investments to secure in 2021, companies need to prioritize.
What is the biggest crack in our security exposure? What must our budget goal be for this year?
What solution can best enhance our security landscape?

Gartner says that, if there is enough capacity to incur a single large security project in 2021, then extended detection and response (XDR) should be the first choice. There are several reasons for this and we’ll discuss them later in this segment.

SECNOLOGY wanted to know what companies believe about XDR and if they will pursue Gartner’s guidelines regarding deployment.

We surveyed enterprise security experts at the executive level and within the SOC to determine their stance on XDR.

Our survey was answered by a diversity of roles, which SECNOLOGY believes closely reflects the contrast of XDR stakeholders in the enterprise. Because XDR is a solution that combines various security products and spans a wide range of operative silos, many different roles within IT and cybersecurity organizations will feel its impact and gains.

The benefits of XDR are apparently something most organizations wish and need. As reported in our survey on XDR, almost 80 percent of security experts said XDR must be a main cybersecurity issue for their business. Additionally, with three quarters of organizations planning to deploy XDR in 2021 or 2022. Clearly a big endorsement for XDR.

SECNOLOGY maintains that the massive appeal of XDR in recent months is due to the appeal that XDR is a platform that can really fulfill its commitment of integrating multiple tools into unified threat detection and response operation, and not another gadget that generates more alerts for the SOC that is already overwhelmed

XDR is a solution that automates and integrates the tools they already have deployed, so organizations can strengthen their security posture at all levels.

When we surveyed companies on how they aim to implement XDR and what they hope to achieve, we found that 60% of security experts want actual, quantifiable improvements in their key KPIs: MTTD (Mean Time to Test) and MTTR. (Mean Time to Response). In addition, 50% wish improved security performance without hiring more cybersecurity professionals, who are expensive and difficult to find.

This call to do more with less seems to be directed by the security resources. Most of those surveyed said their entity’s security budget is remaining the same, and nearly 25% of those surveyed expect the budget to be reduced. The static budget also suggests that people realize that putting more people into siloed security operations will not increase MTTD and MTTR. In addition, the cost and rarity of expert security personnel, signifies that human responses can’t scale with the alert rates.

Companies have many security tools at their disposal. What they miss is integrated and intelligent automation for security experts to view, mitigate and respond quickly and effectively to the complex, multi-varied threats they encounter.

Not unexpectedly, our survey found that a mere 5% of companies depend on one vendor for security operations. The large majority (95%) have deployed best-of-breed tools from several vendors as they deploy their security infrastructure over time. To leverage their XDR benefits and experience the least risk, it is common sense for the 95% to use a vendor-independent XDR platform that can consolidate security data from multiple vendors’ security controls and automate their response. In this regard, we think the value of vendor-independent XDR can be easily expressed to management. Not just will the business investment in current security tools be secured, but the achievement and efficiency of those tools will be enhanced.

XDR is the only investment that will converge and correlate all the point products in your cybersecurity arsenal, allowing threat detection and response operations to be integrated, automated, and much more efficient.

SECNOLOGY combines SIEM+SOAR+XDR to deliver a completely unique security solution.

When it comes to enterprise cybersecurity 2021, protect yourself first – with XDR.

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