SECNOLOGY: How to Fight Alert Fatigue with SECNOLOGY SIEM-SOAR

SECNOLOGY How to Fight Alert Fatigue With Cloud Based SIEM SOAR

Today’s security teams are dealing with ever more complex problems than before. The IT environment is rapidly changing and growing, and as organizations adopt more and more tools to keep their vast environment under control, this has led to a vast increase in data. And large number of tools comes a heavy number of alerts, causing inexorable alert fatigue for the security operations team. A study conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group determined that 40% of organizations use 10 to 25 independent security tools and 30% use 26 to 50. That means there are thousands (or dozens of thousands!) of alerts every day, contingent on the size of the organization.

Happily, there is a way to obtain the visibility your team needs and optimize alerts: using a cloud-based SIEM. Here are some of the crucial ways a cloud-based SIEM can help fight alert fatigue to speed up threat detection and response.

Access all your vital security data from a single place

Legacy SIEMs concentrate essentially on log management and are compliance-centric rather than giving you a complete picture of your network. The rigidity of these obsolete solutions is the contrary of what today’s agile teams require. A cloud-based SIEM can consolidate various datasets across on-premises, remote and cloud environments to offer security operations teams with the complete visibility they need in one place, ending the need to access multiple tools (and all the alerts they generate).

With cloud-based version of SECNOLOGY, you can collect beyond just logs from your whole environment and ingest data, including user activity, endpoints, cloud and network traffic, all-in-one solution. With your data in a single place, SECNOLOGY provides you significant context and prioritization to help you avert a deluge of alerts.

Cut through the clutter to detect attacks early

While analyzing all your data simultaneously, Cloud SIEM utilizes machine learning to better identify patterns in your environment to comprehend what’s normal and what potential threats are. The result is more granular detection so your team is only alerted when there are actual signs of a threat.

Instead of weighing you down with false positives, SECNOLOGY provides contextual and actionable alerts. SECNOLOGY provides customers with high-quality, oven-ready alerts created and compiled by our expert analysts based on real threats. This lets you stop attacks early in the attack chain instead of combing through heaps of data and pointless alerts.

Speed Response with Automation

Using automation, you can curb alert fatigue and further improve SOC performance. By capitalizing on SECNOLOGY’s cloud version with built-in automation capabilities and security orchestration and automation tools (SOAR), your SOC can take off much of the workload and allow analysts to concentrate on the important items while enhancing your security posture.

Cloud-based SIEM with specialist-driven detection and integrated automation allows security teams to respond to and mitigate attacks in a less time, rather than manually investigating thousands of alerts. SECNOLOGY cloud version smoothly integrates with SECNOLOGY’s security orchestration and automated response (SOAR) tools to decrease alert fatigue, automate containment, and refine investigation management. With complete network visibility and state-of-the-art analytics, SECNOLOGY cloud-based version offers teams with contextual alerts and correlation to combat alert fatigue and speed incident detection and response.

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SECNOLOGY How to Fight Alert Fatigue With Cloud Based SIEM SOAR