Why choose SECNOLOGY to build S.O.C?

Why choose SECNOLOGY to build SOC? Image

The Security Operations Center ( S.O.C) is a security supervision and administration center. The SOC is a platform whose function is to provide security incident detection services and services to respond to them. The security center collects events in the form of logs, analyzes them, detects anomalies and defines reactions in the event of an alert.

Factors of development

 The development of the SOC is explained by an improvement in the data rates and the maturity of the log acquisition and storage tools. Regulatory tightening, the need to ensure traceability and the security of the information system also encourage the creation of SOC.

The components of a SOC

The SOC is subdivided into four components:

  • Governance

The governance consists of defining the mission and scope of assets to be controlled; To structure the SOC and to define the level of authority of the SOC and its modalities of access to resources.

  • The process

The SOC processes are related to the supervision and administration of IS security. They aim to: supervise the IS, detect and resolve security incidents and make improvements to the SOC on the basis of the evaluation of its processes, the evolution of threats and developments regulations.

  • The technology

 The technology brings together all the technical means used to gather, harmonize, correlate, store and report on security events. The main software platform of the SOC is SIEM (Software Information Event Management). It should be used to consolidate and analyze the logs produced by the monitored systems. But logs alone cannot detect all malicious activities: network feeds, sandboxes, administrative trunks, identity and access management systems, those for managing vulnerabilities and detecting behavioral abnormalities of users or entities connected to the infrastructure.

  • The team

The SOC team is made up of highly qualified experts. They are also responsible for managing IS security incidents

What problems does this centralization of security respond?

For a company, SOC is able to administer the security of its computer park remotely by collecting and correlating the logs of its various security appliances and appliances or network. The correlation of events from different sources and the real-time analysis can thus enable a rapid identification of the risks. The SOC must help to reduce the risks and unavailability of critical components of the information system, but also to identify threats, prevent them, shorten response times or simplify administration.

Why choose SECNOLOGY to build its SOC?

SECNOLOGY enables companies, integrators and VARs to build a low-cost SOC. Its unique technology offers a multitude of features and tools for easy installation, set-up and handling.