SECNOLOGY : Repair your largest cyber-security issue – with SECNOLOGY XDR

Repair your largest cyber-security issue - with SECNOLOGY XDR

Repair your largest cyber-security issue – with SECNOLOGY XDR

As most security-oriented companies, you have various network security solutions deployed, all best-of-breed, that can shield you from all familiar vulnerabilities. These products operate very well. But they can’t work together. That’s the issue.

Why ?

Every cybersecurity structure in an organization creates a lot of data and alerts that the SOC team must manage. And that’s the dilemma. On the one hand, the threshold is fixed very low to ensure that no abnormal or doubtful activity slides through. Conversely, because the minimum threshold setting is triggered by the smallest variance or inconsistency, many false alarms are produced, despite this may be benign. One thing is obvious. The generated alarm is the alarm to respond to.

That’s when your mess is out of control. The SOC experts will inform you. They’ve taken too long to correlate and analyze all the alerts and other security data they receive. In fact, data from different security systems is collected and managed in silos. Each system monitors and generates alarms in its own specific area, while ignoring alarms generated by other systems. The SOC team is tasked with integrating different data together, and this is becoming increasingly difficult. As a result, many alarms couldn’t be processed in time and many alarms fell through the cracks completely. The SOC team continues to straggle daily and they feel pressured. The turnover of security experts caused by alert fatigue is staggering, which makes hiring and retaining staff with cybersecurity skills more difficult than ever.

At the same time, your organization is yet at risk of a cyberattack. You can switch an old cybersecurity framework with a more modern one, with more features and simpler to use. But you’ll still face the same massive problem, which is that many security and data systems operate independently of each other. This failure of integration makes it very hard to catch intricate, furtive threats and immensely time consuming to mitigate, even with the finest equipment. In addition, you will never get a consistent and precise picture of the attacks you encounter and your ability to repel them.

Rather than hiring expensive security staff if you are lucky to find one or fixing various ad hoc issues to make minor advances in detection and response, Secnology will allow you to begin at the top and repair the main elements first automatically.

Secnology is a SOAR platform that collects all the data from already installed network, endpoint and security tools and centralizes it for intuitive, real-time investigation.

This blanket integration automates your capacity to sight the full scope of a multi-vector threat and track its main cause and full cyber-attack chain.

Machine Learning (ML) offer a key role in this platform. These techniques are employed to incorporate multiple data sources. Learn from each detection and mitigation resolution and perpetually enhance the organization’s skill to build a coordinated and robust defense against intricate cyber-attacks. By computerizing previously human investigation and rectifying processes, the organization becomes more effective at defending against cyber-threats and can strengthen the investment in positioned personnel and security tools.

The Secnology XDR platform creates an XDR map that covers integration between vendors and interoperability of installed endpoints, network and security tools.

The biggest advantage of Secnology XDR is its vendor-independent approach. It doesn’t matter how many homogenous security systems and tools your organization installs. The Secnology XDR platform provides cloud-native XDR coverage for smooth and easy integration between products and vendors.

You are not required to replace traditional tools or align with a unique vendor. Secnology XDR derives more value from the company’s present security platform and uses it to provide better and broader protection. This is vital for organizations that have devoted millions of dollars in their security base.

By prioritizing the use of XDR, the accuracy and speed of threat detection, search and response can be greatly improved.

SECNOLOGY associates SIEM+SOAR+XDR to offer a completely unique security solution.

When it comes to Enterprise Cybersecurity 2021, take care of yourself first – with XDR. Let us show you how! Join us to learn more about SECNOLOGY’s universal XDR platform.

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Repair your largest cyber-security issue - with SECNOLOGY XDR