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Over the years, security professionals have regularly complained about their duties. There are far too many alerts that must be manually evaluated and resolved on a daily basis. There is a severe shortage of trained security experts around the world. Add to that analyst fatigue and siloes of security products.

All of this impedes the Security Operations Center (SOC) from reaching its peak potential, thereby increasing speed, performance and efficiency. In addition, a 2019 study found that 92% of the security teams surveyed were unable to handle all alerts on the same day, and 82% of them said that the team was fatigued from the alerts. Another study found that 63% of security alerts were altogether neither reviewed nor resolved.

As a SOC manager or CISO, you must obtain a solution to reinforce your security posture and reduce the SOC’s threat mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR). As a security expert, you may want a solution that can eliminate tedious work, lessen analyst exhaustion and make your security tools operate more efficiently with one another.

Now is the time to work smarter not harder. Stop defending yourself only by reacting to incoming threats. Go on the attack, improve your capabilities and control your security operations to realize your strategic objectives.


Our security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solution, is an integral part of the SECNOLOGY platform, delivering on our promise to modernize security operations. Security delivered in the cloud makes security operations easier, more agile and more efficient, helping you stay ahead of threats. With SECNOLOGY SOAR in the cloud, you can:

Reach Faster Time to Value with more coherent installation, configuration, deployment and scaling of cloud-based technology throughout your security infrastructure.
Attain streamlined operational overhead. Concentrate more on use case evolution and less on infrastructure operations.
Expand security agility with no performance sacrifices. This will help ensure that your business is secure while also enabling swift innovations.

Now you can install SOAR in the way that best meets your organization’s needs: on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. Regardless of the deployment you decide, you can automate from anywhere, and really “SOAR your way”.

SECNOLOGY SOAR has helped security teams move from overloaded to control:

  • Faster response to alerts by 62%
  • Automating 2 years of manual work inside of 5 months
  • Resolve alerts in 1 minute instead of hours
  • Increase the strength of their team so that 3 experts feel like 12
  • Reducing 40 hours of work per week

Control your SOC with SECNOLOGY SOAR now! Regardless of your choice type of deployment, SECNOLOGY SOAR orchestrates current security tools and infrastructure to operate better together and deliver better threat protection. Your security posture can finally operate smoothly as part of your global defense strategy.

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