SECNOLOGY : Effortlessly size your security automation with SOAR

SECNOLOGY blog automation with SOAR and SIEM picture.

Effortlessly size your security automation with SECNOLOGY SOAR

First, let’s define SOAR :

SOAR (Security Coordination, Automation, and Response) is a combination of software solutions and tools that enable organizations to streamline security operations in three key areas: threat and vulnerability management, incident response and security operations automation.

SOAR refers to the technology that enables an organization to collect information monitored by the security operations team. For example, SIEM alerts and other security technologies – which can perform incident analysis and classification by combining human and mechanical forces – help define, prioritize and manage standardized incident response activities. SOAR tools enable organizations to define incident analysis and response processes in a digital workflow format.

Responding to security alerts, being able to quickly detect and react to attacks and adversaries, is essential to reducing risk and managing threats to the organization. How do we recommend you do this? With the Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) tool.

SECNOLOGY is utilized for automatic event and alert triage, investigation, response, threat research, vulnerability management, etc.

Our playbooks allow you to automate these operations, ensuring that the processes surrounding secure operations are repeatable and controllable. The ability to customize these playbooks to your business needs is vital.

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SECNOLOGY blog automation with SOAR and SIEM picture.