SECNOLOGY investigates the most crucial problems it can find that threaten not only the world’s most important organizations, but also the people they serve. Regardless of the situation, we treat all of our customers the same: we work with them to improve the way they use data to achieve their goals.

With the right data and technology, people and organizations can still resolve complex problems and make the world a better place.

In the past years, SECNOLOGY observed products were too inflexible to tackle new problems, while customized systems took too long to install and required numerous services to support and ameliorate. SECNOLOGY saw automated methods collapse against adaptive foes, and unbending access control forces organizations to make inadmissible trade-offs between cooperating and protecting sensitive data from abuse. We recognized the need for an innovative type of technology and we realized it would take a special company to engineer it. That’s the reason we created SECNOLOGY.

We are constructing our company around mission-driven cybersecurity engineering.

SECNOLOGY has assembled a team that combines hands-on expertise in cybersecurity, SIEM + SOAR, XDR and security data mining.

At SECNOLOGY, we are passionate about solving real-world problems. Our software has been used to stop, predict, and mitigate cyber-attacks.

Our customers rely on SECNOLOGY to perform their most critical tasks, and we are committed to creating a platform they can trust. Our cloud solutions are managed, standardized, externally tested and audited, and have powerful access controls that adapt to customer needs.

At SECNOLOGY, we are committed to helping organizations protect privacy and build trust in the way they use information and realize the potential of their digital transformation.

Organizations use SECNOLOGY to maximize the utility of protecting their data while ensuring that it is handled in accordance with the rules, regulations and standards that govern data privacy.

With SECNOLOGY, organizations can integrate, review, track, alert, and report on events in a more streamlined and timely manner.