Enhance confidence in the security of your Cloud with SECNOLOGY

Enhance confidence in the security of your cloud with SECNOLOGY

Enhance confidence in the security of your Cloud with SECNOLOGY.
Cloud solutions are becoming more widely used as they offer businesses increased operational efficiency, scalability and agility. While cloud adoption continues at a rapid pace, cloud security monitoring is lagging behind.

Most cloud service providers give basic security controls to secure their platform, but they do not protect against sophisticated threats. It is up to the customer to secure their cloud applications and data.

Security problems in the cloud include:

  • Data loss and data leakage
  • Data privacy breach
  • Lack of control over access to cloud-based data
  • Vulnerabilities in cloud-based applications
  • Compliance requirements

A data breach can result in financial loss, brand reputation damage, legal penalties, and damage to an organization’s business and IT infrastructure.

Cloud security is essential for protecting your data, whether you are using NetSkope, Symantec, McAfee, F5, Crowdstrike, or any other CASB security solutions. It helps you ensuring regulatory compliance, and protecting the privacy of your customers – which in turn protects your business from the reputational, financial and legal consequences of a data breach.

The path to stronger cloud security

Assessing your cloud security practices in five key areas is critical to ensuring your data is protected and your security team’s ability to detect and respond to potential threats.

  • Data encryption and privacy – Encryption guarantees that your cloud data is not tampered with or abused by cyber threats or accessed by unauthorized users.
  • Access and Identity Management – The ability to control privileged users is critical to preventing unauthorized access and account hacking.
  • Cloud SIEM Cloud-native SIEMs address the visibility and control limitations of existing SIEMs. Cloud SIEMs are designed to provide comprehensive visibility and control of cloud applications. Broader and tighter integration with cloud applications and services enables effective cloud monitoring and faster incident response.
  • Analytics-based threat detection – User and Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA) detects and uncovers advanced insider threats, fraud, cloud data corruption and non-compliance with fewer false positives than rule-based methods.
  • Threat hunting – search for specific threats that may evade existing security on historical and real-time data.

SECNOLOGY provides real-time or on-demand analysis of security alerts generated by network and security hardware and applications.

  • Extensive integration, APIs and connectors – Extensive integration and multiple APIs and connectors help provide faster detection and response to threats.

Whatever the state your enterprise is at in its cloud computing project, cloud security is critically important. For cloud data security and compliance, SECNOLOGY provides your security teams with the visibility needed to detect and respond to threats in your cloud environments.

SECNOLOGY associates SIEM+SOAR+XDR to offer a completely unique security solution.

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Enhance confidence in the security of your cloud with SECNOLOGY