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Predicting attacks is not easy

SECNOLOGY : Sometimes it’s better to avoid problems than face them

Nowadays, dealing with an attack in an enterprise SOC is not easy. Threat intelligence can keep you aware of security issues, but often this information is only offered when you are already under attack and is seldom very useful, except when looking back.

However, when it comes to cybersecurity, we still depend on threat intelligence as a critical defensive tool. Worse, threat intelligence only protects a portion of the threats already exposed, while attackers are constantly innovating – creating new malware apps, phishing domains and attack plans. Threat intelligence is invaluable to incident response.

It helps to shift during an investigation, pinpoint intention or other artifacts, and offers other similar investigative support. But its detection value is limited because threat actors avoid repeating their attack infrastructure from one mark to the next. If the artifacts you discover are unlike those studied from previous attacks, what can you do to improve your detection skill ?

What if you could see what is coming next?

SECNOLOGY’s predictive cybersecurity solution

SECNOLOGY solution offers predictive analytics intelligence to cybersecurity. The solution maps foes rather than threats and studies their actions to anticipate the behavior and artifacts employed in their attacks. The analytics engine renders behavioral models into enemy attack framework postures that show how (Trojans, phishing, or other modes of attack) and where (customers, subsidiaries, industry, partners, and geographies) attackers aim to pinpoint your organization.

SECNOLOGY offers a preemptive strike map, which plots adversaries rooted on their phase of attack and current location in the global enterprise outlook, as well as data about the adversary, standard attack patterns, and viable countermeasures that can be used in advance – allowing you to mitigate the threat before it occurs.

Adversary Behavior Analysis expands SECNOLOGY’s SIEM capabilities by providing continuously upgraded analysis of adversary data and behavior, including the whole strike infrastructure, for robust and preventative threat defense. SECNOLOGY automatically translates pre-attack foe behavior into protective steps or countermeasures you can initiate against phishing, business email jeopardy, ransomware, fraud and many other prevalent threats.

The details provided by the SECNOLOGY SIEM is ingested by the SECNOLOGY platform and utilized to add enhanced context to current threats, as well as offering insights on attacks that have not yet been completed or are in their initial stages, as in reconnaissance. This empowers rapid action against evolving threats and thus a more a resilient defense.

SECNOLOGY’s principal objective is to monitor and assist in managing user and service privileges, directory services, and other system configuration changes; as well as auditing and reviewing logs and responding to incidents.


SECNOLOGY combines event management, machine learning, SOAR and SIEM to give you a broad visibility into the environment to quickly find threats and minimize risks.

SECNOLOGY’s mission is to provide end users, managers and experts with the simplest and most powerful solution to automatically manage all data events in their global information system worldwide.

SECNOLOGY’s SIEM solution and Security Operations Center services enable organizations to detect, react and neutralize cyber threats.

SECNOLOGY associates SIEM+SOAR+XDR to offer a completely unique security solution.

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SECNOLOGY blog Predict attacks picture