SECNOLOGY : Medical Data and Big Data Mining

SECNOLOGY : Medical Data and Big Data Mining

Medical Data and Big Data Mining

The considerable evolution of the massive data volumes shared at the global level required new technical tools to control these uses and allow regulators and health providers to retain control of the patient information entrusted to them.
The Health Data is a considerable advance in analyzing and improving the population health.

This system will make it possible to link :

– Health Insurance data
– Hospital data
– Medical causes of death
– Data relating to disability
– Data from health insurance organizations.

In the United States, the conditions for access to the gigantic Health Data System have been specified in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPA).

The project summarizes creation of a platform that will house monumental volumes of personal health information. The aim is simple: to facilitate the use of this data by researchers; to improve public health policies while protecting the patient anonymity.

Only organizations recognized as having a ” healthcare mission” will be able to access it.
The issue now concerns companies that must prove the “public interest” of their approach and obtain Certification from (HIPA).

SECNOLOGY proposes its solution to help the health providers and their patients to preserve the confidentiality of the medical data during the course of care in a context where the technological advances make this task more and more difficult.

Beyond the medical data, it is the privacy of patient data which is here at stake.

With SECNOLOGY, users are able to process years of data and billions of records per day and access all their information instantly.

SECNOLOGY is an intuitive and universal Big Data Mining solution with a revolutionary technology and a unique architecture.

SECNOLOGY’s vision and construct is at the crossroads of Data Mining and Big Data. Our aim is to offer massive scalability without the complexity of traditional solutions

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