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SIEM means Security, information, and event management (SIEM) technology combines log data, security alerts, and events on a centralized or distributed platform to deliver real-time intelligence for security monitoring.

SOCs (Security Operations Centers) invest in SIEM software to establish visibility into their organization’s environments, review log data for incident response to cyberattacks and data violations, and comply with local and federal regulatory law compliance.

How SIEM works

SIEM operates by collecting data from logs and events generated by applications, networks, infrastructure and systems in order to derive analysis and ensure a global view of an organization’s information technology (IT).

SIEM solutions can be installed in on-premises or cloud environments. By examining all data in real time, SIEM solutions use rules and correlations to provide actionable visibility during forensic operations.  SIEM explores all data, triaging threat activity by risk level to help security teams detect malicious actors and promptly alleviate cyberattacks.

SECNOLOGY collects data from many sources, including network, security, servers, databases, and applications, consolidating the monitored data to avoid missing critical events.

Benefits of SIEM Technology

SIEM components can provide a wide variety of benefits that help improve the overall security posture, including:

  • Real-time visibility into the entire environment
  • A central management solution for diverse systems and log data
  • Reduced false positive alerting
  • Shortened mean time to detection and mean time to response
  • Data collection and normalization to insure accurate and reliable analysis
  • Easy access and search of raw and parsed data
  • Skill to map operations to existing frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK
  • Insure conformity via real-time visibility and preset modules.
  • Customized dashboards and robust reporting

How to get the most from a SIEM

Organizations use SIEM solutions to optimize threat detection and response to measurably reduce risk to the business. However, many SIEM technologies are resource intensive and require experienced staff to implement and manage them or additional services for support and training.

Before investing in a SIEM, you should gather your business needs and assess your security goals and priorities. It may be an upfront investment, but SIEM software helps security teams get up to speed and mitigate risks quickly, saving the company from significant financial implications and legal issues should a security breach occur.


SECNOLOGY combines SIM, SEM, and SOAR to provide a truly unique complete solution. It provides real-time or on-demand analysis of security alerts generated by network and security hardware and applications. As with many meanings and definitions of capabilities, changing requirements continually shape the derivatives of SIEM product categories.

With SECNOLOGY, you don’t need to use big data platforms such as Hadoop to expand data storage capacity and analytical flexibility to supplement SIEM functions.

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SECNOLOGY Define siem picture