SECNOLOGY&Public Institutions

Government agencies have to handle many types of sensitive data as their IT teams need to protect both citizens’ sensitive information and general public assets. They need to safeguard the data against both internal threats and external attacks with a very relative visibility over their environment, an understaffed IT department and a tight budget. And if they fail to do so and thus fail to comply with all the national and international regulations (FISMAC, SOX, ISO/ CEI 27001, GDPR…), they may see their budgets cut, their reputation tarnished and be exposed to public censure.

Public institutions work with many contractors, often on temporary projects, giving access to their IT infrastructure to many people so they need to find a solution to help them reduce the risks of privilege misuse, identify quickly every attack that threatens their environment while being more and more efficient and comply with ever-toughening regulations. With SECNOLOGY, public institutions have gotten the help they needed to be more resilient to the new threats that are becoming more and more numerous every day and that endanger the highly sensitive data that the public has entrusted them with.

With SECNOLOGY’s solution, you can take advantage of its different and unique features because it associates a Data Governor, a SIEM, a configuration Auditor with so much other practical functionalities. All of this enables public institutions to not only provide a proactive and real-time security policy management, but also to make their IT infrastructure more compliant all the time, helping them prepare for the manifold regulatory compliance audits that they have faced and that they will face.

What we can do together

Protect data

Protect your data against insider and external threats, configure automatized alarms and proactively prevent access from blacklisted addresses. Prevent security breaches and ensure no malicious activity occurring at any moment by tracking down everything that comes in and out of your network. Doing so, gain visibility into your environment to apprehend specific activities such as data exfiltration. With SECNOLOGY’s forensics event investigation, find evidence of fraudulent and unauthorized activities and act quickly to address these issues on-time.

Audit preparation

Collect, parse and store all data to comply with national and international regulations (GDPR, FISMA, SOX…). With SECNOLOGY, you can rapidly retrieve your data traces and logs to generate custom reports where you can put any information, at any time and based on any criteria. Provide your auditors with details in a timely fashion – what used to take weeks will only require a few minutes now. With SECNOLOGY, you will significantly reduce the time needed to prepare for an internal audit or an external examination and precisely meet your auditor’s expectations with far less efforts.

Big Data Mining

By collecting the data, analyzing and correlating it with our visual parser (the only unique visual parser available), we give you the tool to develop a wider and deeper understanding of the civic concerns, such as trends, population’s opinion, transportation use and so on. This decision support tool will enable your IT staff to harness large data and analyze everything that is going on in your environment and your jurisdiction so you can provide better services to the population.

Fraud detection

Quickly identify and investigate anomalies within your system to detect fraud with SECNOLOGY’s forensics event investigation ability. Set alarms and draft reports when a suspicious activity is analyzed by our solution and instantly put an end to any fraud attempt, theft or abuse.

Lower costs

Public institutions see their budgets stagnate or shrink a little more every year. It is essential for them to have the most efficient and cost-effective infrastructure. By identifying the problems quickly, preparing more easily for audits and increasing overall efficiency, SECNOLOGY provides a solution that lowers costs and addresses the institutions’ challenges.

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