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Nonprofits are becoming more and more essential to communities as the needs for them and their services have been increasing drastically over the past years within big cities, small towns and local neighborhoods. Many of these organizations, though are now having a harder time raising money because nonprofits are facing big changes in terms of fundraising, appealing to new donors and attracting a stable workforce.

Nonprofits face the same technical challenges as any private institutions, but as if these challenges weren’t enough, the essence of nonprofit organizations is to work on really tight budgets and make the most out of everything they possess and do. They are in a profound need for a solution that will help them optimize their operational efficiency by getting smart and relevant insights and working with a platform that will help them cut costs and be on budget. Moreover, a new challenge will arise with the instability of the workforce that keeps on increasing the number of for-profit candidates that will likely orient nonprofits organizations more towards data and ROI-driven models, creating a sense of better financial performance with a better data management.

SECNOLOGY’s data governance and big data mining abilities have helped nonprofits better serve their communities and achieve operational efficiency by analyzing collected data to sort trends and concerns in order to address both of them better. SECNOLOGY also helps them getting a complete control over their environment to protect their sensitive data and making sure these organizations are in compliance with the multiple regulations, standards and grant requirements they have to meet.

SECNOLOGY offers various services that blends a SIEM, a Data Governor, a configuration Auditor with other useful ones. This practical solution enables nonprofit organizations to face their financial, human resources and governance issues and helps them stay focused on their core missions.

What we can do together

Regulations compliance

SECNOLOGY will guarantee you to be in compliance with national and international laws and regulations, standards and grant requirements such as GDPR, Johnson Amendment etc. Regulations that keep getting more and more complicated as technologies get more innovative and controversies get more intense. With our solution, you will both comply with these rules and get ready to comply with the new ones as SECNOLOGY has been designed with a high flexibility and scalability in order to always be modern and up-to-date. And you will be able to demonstrate your donors and public that you do the right thing the right way so they can have faith in you.

Monitor data

With SECNOLOGY you can manage and monitor your IT environment to supervise the entire infrastructure, forensics event investigation or even incident management by collecting, analyzing, normalizing and stocking data from any type of source with any type of format. With these easy-to-understand data, you get the opportunity to securely exchange information and collaborate with other organizations to create more resources that may be mutually beneficial. You also get the chance to evaluate your performance to always improve your way of working thus continuing your mission in the best terms and maintain your funding.

Big Data Mining

With SECNOLOGY, analyze all your data, assess your progress, growth and sustainability and gain a better understanding of how donors and prospects navigate through your website. Fulfill your mission by looking into the wants and needs of your community and identify your strengths and weaknesses to work on in order to provide the best service that people need from you.

Protect your data

A lot of nonprofit organizations’ information goes by emails such as contacts and banking information. SECNOLOGY helps you protect them from hackers and data breaches. With SECNOLOGY’ SIEM and configuration management, you will overcome public skepticism and demonstrate your ability to meet and respect your donors’ expectations.

Lower costs

Determining compliance with payment and reporting regulations can get costly, especially with the tight budgets nonprofit organizations operate under ; but with SECNOLOGY, these organizations will not need to envy other companies’ big budgets. Our solution is extremely cost-effective; by enabling these organizations to make smart investments in research and development, preparing more easily for audits and increasing overall efficiency, SECNOLOGY provides a solution that lowers costs and addresses the nonprofit organizations’ challenges.

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