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 The Healthcare system is changing fast. The switch from fee-for-service to value-based care is shifting a whole new way of providing healthcare services by mandating better care at a lower cost. To do so, HIT will need to easily identify and help chronic care patients to better manage their conditions, have a better sense of patient outcomes in general as well as how and where they can reduce costs by mining into patient data to help predict outcomes.

This long-due emphasis on value-based care will start to treat the symptoms’ causes more than just the symptoms themselves and take these impacts into consideration; so, HIT will have to focus on their analytics capability in order not only to be able to analyze all their patients’ data but also to protect them from being compromised from internal threats and external attacks.

But how can you stay relevant as pay-for-performance models change and whilst both providing better care at a lower cost and analyzing while protecting data seem completely contradictory? Well, SECNOLOGY was designed to help you manage to achieve both of these goals.

SECNOLOGY helps HIT collect all their information – them being real-time or stored – to analyze, visualize and understand everything that is happening in their information systems, so that our solution provides them with an agile generation of information to help them make the best business and clinical decisions, in a form that is easy to use. For instance, with SECNOLOGY, they have filtered information to target and study a pathology or their patients’ reaction to a type of medicine, correlated symptoms and causes to establish a precise diagnostic and even masked their patient’s identity so that they can use, analyze and exchange all the information we helped them collect without breaking doctor-patient confidentiality, and be HIPAA compliant. And there’s so much more that can be done.

What we can do together

Big data mining

By collecting the data, analyzing and correlating it with our visual parser (the only unique visual parser available), any organization can become smarter, more efficient and more productive by providing real-time insights into their entire environment.

IoT and remote alerts

Keeping people out of the hospital and reducing the length of their stay is a way to reduce healthcare costs significantly. SECNOLOGY is IoT ready and can be used to monitor patients outside of the hospital thanks to its alerting and reporting abilities. By using SECNOLOGY with an IoT tool, information about the patient can be entered into electronic health records and transmitted to the caregivers. For instance, a man’s device records his vital signs and sends them to be parsed on the go, so that the data is analyzed and the perfect treatment is easily and quickly found and applied. If something dangerous concerning his health were to happen, an alert would be sent to SECNOLOGY’s user so he can take actions immediately.


Protect patient records and prevent security breaches to always be in compliance with the doctor-patient confidentiality. With its network monitoring, file integrity management or even its real-time event management, SECNOLOGY will improve the security structure of your organization by detecting threats, protecting data and blocking access to anyone who is not allowed to do so even within your organization.

Information exchange

By being able to encrypt already parsed and de-identified data, you can securely share them with other organizations to benefit from their expertise or help them with your own. If one doctor can remember a few similar cases, SECNOLOGY will remember all the ones it had previously collected and be able to know what treatment worked best for which patient and why. You can also correlate the data and sort reports to compare your performance compared to other healthcare facilities in order to gain insights about a particular management of a patient population and understand what approaches work better and why. After all, sharing is caring.

Improved patient outcomes

As hospitals improve the quality of care and reduce costs, they can enjoy a better reputation. By being seen as a top performer, the patient volume will drastically increase, counteracting the loss of procedure volume that comes with a value-based system. More and more large employers such as Wal-Mart are paying a lot of attention to that criteria in order to have their employees heal fast and properly. By collecting and analyzing your collected data, you can provide a better care to your patients. Because SECNOLOGY turns your events into knowledge, and your knowledge into actions.

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