SECNOLOGY& Financial services

Financial institutions rely on their IT infrastructure to deliver their services, secure the integrity and the absolute protection of their clients’ data and ensure their compliance to the many laws and rules conditioning this industry.

Because the competition between financial organizations is so intense, they always have to be at the cutting edge of new technology innovations and initiatives. But because their information systems are so massive and complex, one simple manual change can take weeks, and in this competitive atmosphere, they don’t get weeks to stay ahead of the game.

Moreover, financial institutions around the world are currently facing two challenges: keeping their customer’s financial information safe, and regularly demonstrating compliance to the auditors. These might seem to be two very different challenges, but because many legal requirements are actually designed to better the customers’ information security, they are intrinsically connected and easy to manage if you have the right tool.

With SECNOLOGY, financial institutions have gotten the help they needed to be more resilient to the new threats that are becoming more and more numerous every day in order to keep their sensitive data completely safe, while ensuring continuous compliance through network monitoring and auditing.

SECNOLOGY is a unique tool that combines a SIEM, a Data Governor, a Configuration Auditor, and so much more so that it’s a real swiss knife that enables financial services to not only provide a proactive and real-time security policy management, but also enables them to make their IT infrastructure more compliant all the time, helping them prepare for the manifold regulatory compliance audits that they have to face.

What we can do together

Data protection

Protect your data against insider and external threats, configure automatized alarms and proactively prevent access from blacklisted addresses. Also, prevent security breaches, ensure no malicious activity is taking place at any moment by tracking down everything that comes in and out of your network, and save your configurations to resort to an immediate backup if you ever need to.

System monitoring

Earn your clients trust by getting secured data from all your machines to easily monitor and manage your complex IT structure. Review the user accounts to verify their status and relevance, monitor in real-time and drill down to see who has access to what, where and how so that you can get complete control and understating over what’s happening.

Fraud detection

Quickly identify and investigate anomalies within your system to detect fraud with SECNOLOGY’s forensics event investigation ability. Set alarms and draft reports when a suspicious activity is analyzed by our solution and instantly put an end to any theft or fraud attempt.

Improved Customer experience

Protect your reputation from any damage by proactively discovering and fixing issues. Enjoy a tool that provides a free-bottleneck solution with our grid computing architecture that enables SECNOLOGY users to make rules adjustments and changes that won’t impact and block other preexisting rules and that will eventually increase your customers’ satisfaction by preventing any service disruption and downtime.

Audit preparation

Collect, parse and store all data to comply with national and international regulations (GDPR, PCI, SOX…). With SECNOLOGY, you can rapidly retrieve your data traces and logs to generate custom reports where you can put any information, at any time and based on any criteria. Provide your auditors with details in a timely fashion – what used to take weeks will only require a few minutes now. With SECNOLOGY, you will significantly reduce the time needed to prepare for an audit, precisely meet your auditor’s expectations and eventually improve your company’s grade.

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