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Nowadays, education institutions see their budgets decrease while the demands on their IT structure are drastically growing. Hence, optimizing their work time and work tasks have become a necessity – especially when it comes to higher education. Campuses’ policies have always been about academic freedom and open network, but the more people can connect openly and easily, the more threats arise. Their challenge lies then in conjugating a more powerful and effective IT infrastructure with a lessening of the costs.

This fact is not only limited to campuses, school districts or high schools, infact, any other academic institution would have to deal with a gigantic amount of sensitive data every day and should protect them from both internal threats and external attacks.

Education institutions needed a solution to proactively protect their system’s data while minimizing all the risks and threats that come with a never-stopping increasing number of users that make the machines more and more vulnerable. SECNOLOGY has helped them get total control over their extremely dynamic and dispersed network while having them meet with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA etc. With our solution, they were able to easily and quickly get a 360-degree visibility of their IT systems and full and complete day-to-day event’s reports.

Not only does SECNOLOGY gather and manage data wherever their sources or whatever their formats are, but it also provides a single home for the company’s point of sale (POS) logs. It provides an easy access to log history as well as the ability to analyze and correlate a year’s worth of information in a matter of minutes. Plus, our unique solution can draft customized reports to transform raw data into simple, accessible and meaningful information without compromising event data integrity.

What we can do together

Monitor Data

SECNOLOGY allows you to manage and monitor your IT environment and supervise the entire infrastructure, forensics event investigation or even incident management by collecting, analyzing and storing data from any type of source with any type of format. Our unique graphical parser has been designed in a way that it can show you all user activities with an extreme simplicity and allows you to address any issue and any threat as they arise so you can address them fast and efficiently.

Ensure access to resources

By proactively troubleshooting issues and staying aware of critical configuration changes, SECNOLOGY will help you minimize your user’s frustration and ensure continuous access to educational resources. In the end, you will improve student and faculty staff experience across all your systems by ensuring ongoing system availability.

Detect threats

SECNOLOGY allows you to streamline investigations with a complete visibility. By collection, parsing and correlating your system’s data, you can tie evidence together and get simple and easy-to-use reports that will help you identify the threats and ensure no malicious activity is taking place anywhere at any moment; and if it does then you can hold people accountable and detect who was using your system with fraudulent ends. You can also reduce the risk of account misuse, limit server permissions and prevent abuse of excessive privileges with SECNOLOGY’s data governance and master data management abilities.

Regulations compliance

Not only will SECNOLOGY protect your plethoric amount of massive data, it will also guarantee you to be in compliance with national and international laws and regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA etc. Regulations that keep getting more and more complicated as technologies are more and more innovative. With our solution, you will both comply with these rules and get ready to comply with the new ones as SECNOLOGY has been designed with a high flexibility and scalability in order to always be modern and up-to-date.

Lower costs

Education institutions see their budgets stagnate or cut a little more every year. It is primordial for them to have the most efficient and cost-effective infrastructure. By identifying the problems quickly, preparing more easily for audits and increasing overall efficiency, SECNOLOGY provides a solution that lowers costs and addresses the institutions’ challenges.

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