For any business in the energy or utility sectors, it is primordial to provide an ongoing service because almost every citizen and company depends on those services to use electricity, gas, oil and heat. The providers have to take this responsibility extremely seriously since they are a privileged target for hackers and new malwares for handling important and strategic consumer and company’s data. A leak of these data could impact entire communities, lead important financial losses and greatly damage their public trust.

IT teams from these industries control systems that generate a massive amount of unstructured, unmatched and complex data that comes from many sources and with many formats – making the understanding of these data extremely difficult. They need a solution that can collect these date, normalize and analyze them to get insights from everything that is happening in their oh-so-vast environment.

Every day, SECNOLOGY helps energy providers address these challenges, may that be by safeguarding their precious data, monitoring their complex environment or ensuring an efficient uptime service.

SECNOLOGY has helped them get total control over their extremely sensitive and dispersed network while having them meet with regulatory requirements such as GDPR, NERC CIP, FISMA/NIST etc. With our solution, they could easily and quickly get a 360-degree visibility of their IT systems and full and complete day-to-day events reports.

Not only does SECNOLOGY gather and manage data wherever their sources or whatever their formats are, but it also provides a single home for the company’s point of sale (POS) logs. It provides an easy access to log history as well as the ability to analyze and correlate a year’s worth of information in a matter of minutes. Plus, our unique solution can draft customized reports to transform raw data into simple, accessible and meaningful information without compromising event data integrity.

What we can do together


Protect your sensitive data such as production facility plans, electrical grid drawings or personal customers’ information from cyber attackers and malicious user actions. With SECNOLOGY’ SIEM and configuration management, you will be able to quickly spot attacks that threaten your customer information and your own proprietary data. You will also be able to prevent security breaches and ensure no malicious activity is taking place at any moment by tracking down everything that comes in and out of your network. Doing so, gain complete visibility into your environment to apprehend specific activities, such as data exfiltration.

Continuous system availability

SECNOLOGY will help you ensure ongoing system availability by proactively troubleshooting issues and tracking down any misconfigurations to critical systems and malicious user actions that can lead to downtime, service disruption or loss of efficiency.  In the end, you’ll improve your customers and your staff’s experience across all your systems by ensuring ongoing system availability.

Big data mining

By collecting, analyzing and correlating the data with our visual parser (the only unique visual parser available), any organization can become smarter, more efficient and more productive by providing real-time insights into their entire environment.

Data Exchange

SECNOLOGY lets your organization share data in a highly secured fashion while also preventing unauthorized data access. The data being previously parsed, de-identified and encrypted, you can share it not only within your own structure but also with your partners, suppliers, contractors etc. You can also correlate the data and sort reports to compare your performance compared to other facilities in order to gain insights about a particular management of an issue, a population or an industry and understand what approaches work better and why.

System monitoring

Earn your clients trust by getting secured data from all your machines to easily monitor and manage the health and the assets of your complex IT structure. Review the user accounts to verify their status and relevance, monitor in real-time and drill down to see who has access to what, where and how so that you can not only get complete control and understating over what’s happening but also prevent misdeeds by regularly reviewing and updating permissions.

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