Log Management


Log management concerns are about security, system and network operations (such as system or network administration) and regulatory compliance.

Effectively analyzing large volumes of diverse logs can pose many challenges with most Log Managers but not with SECNOLOGY:

– Volume: log data can reach hundreds of gigabytes of data per day for a large organization. Simply collecting, centralizing and storing data at this volume can be challenging. SECNOLOGY’s patented STIM architecture ensures near unlimited log treatment.
– Normalization: logs are produced in multiple formats. Most log managers use a database scheme which can lead to data loss incompatible with regulatory compliance. SECNOLOGY uses a unique flat file system which insures data integrity.

With SECNOLOGY you get more, you also get what you were not looking for. IT security experts know that the most dangerous events are not the ones that occur millions of times, but those that happen occasionally without detection

What are the key benefits of SECNOLOGY for Log management ?

Logging can produce technical information usable for the maintenance of applications or websites. It can serve to define whether a reported issue is actually a issue and to help analyze, reproduce and solve them.


We collect on at least a dozen protocols


No regex or SDK needed. We have the only graphical parser on the market. Point and click.


We correlate and on many levels.


We have the only Grid-Computing architecture. No bottlenecks


We can process as much as the data requires…at no additional cost !

Log Analysis


In the initial stages, organizations generate different logs for analyzing the logs in the devices on the security-perimeter. They aim to identify the patterns of attack on the perimeter infrastructure of the organization.

  • With increased use of integrated computing, organizations mandate logs to identify the access and use of confidential data within the security-perimeter.
  • With SECNOLOGY,track and monitor the performance and availability of Entreprise systems & merge the physical-access monitoring and the logical-access monitoring into a single view.

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